Veteran Cjhampion

Oliviero de l'Amabilité

Many thanks to Jakko and Angelique Broersma from the Kennel van Moezels Oever.
For the excellent way of handling Olly, thank you Jakko.


Gaston Bachelard de l’Amabilite become father.

7 beautiful puppies in the colors Brindle and Fawn


Clubmatch HBC 09.11.2014
Keurmeester: Dhr J. Williams NL

Gaston Bachelard de l'Amabilite:

1 Excellent - Breeders class males

Duchesse Dieke de l'Amabilite

2 Excellent - Breeders class females


2 prachtig gestroomde pups geboren op 12 September 2014

Oliviero de l'Amabilite   Comtesse de L'Amabilite

4 prachtige puppies geboren op 31 Augustus 2014

Gaston Bachelard de l'Amabilite   Galatea de L'Amabilite


Pups are born on October 9, 2013

3 males & 4 females

Champ. Jupiler Du Sourire Doux   Esperanza de L'Amabilite

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Pups born on June 10, 2013

3 male puppies

Tey van de Mestreechteneerkes   Galatea de l'Amabilite

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The pups are born on December 20, 2012

2 males & 2 females

Pinard Rouge de L'Amabilite   Honorine de Noir Beatitude

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Rotterdam, 26.08.2012
Judge: Dhr. K. Horak (CZ))

Galatea de L'Amabilite


Oliviero de L ‘Amabilité

4 Excellent

Uden, 24.06.2012
Judge: Mvr E. Waget (F)

Galatea de L'Amabilite


My judging in France, 9/10 juni 2012.

It was great honor for me to be invited to France to judge the show. I was asked for the Open Show in Nozieres by Dr J. Mulin, chairman of the CEBF in France.
It was a long journey , which I made with my friend Cor, this lady has French Bulldogs for more then 30 years and always from me.
We were warmly welcomed by the president Jacques and the other members of the board. There was an opening speech which was accompanied by a drink and delicious snacks.

He literally said:
Vous avez presenter vos chiens a deux juges d’un  jour qui nous ont fait l’honneur de venir  les departager mme Emmy Geenen des PAYS BAS, plus  connue sous son affixe “de l’Amabilite”, eleveuse de Bouledoque Francais depuis nombreuses annees qui  s’exprime tres bien dans notre langue, ainsi que mme Arlette Marchand, une eleveuse Francaise, qu’il n’est pas necessaire de presenter.

Surprisingly for me, there were 70 bullies to be judge, a large number. Notable was the high quality of the bulldogs in France. Ans as always the pied frenchies are very nice and white.

My BOB was pied male, Faramir Du Terroir De Fontfoide, bred by mme Marchand and owned by Du Jacques Mulin, shown by MMR Bendjemia, Martine.
Parents of these beautiful dog are: Hay vd Maastrichteneerkes and Geneveve La Ferme de Marlene.

It must be said; there was put alot of work into this show, just fantastic.

At home i received a beautiful reportage, you can see on the CEBF website
Thanks to Jacques Mulin for this honor.
Emmy Geenen

More photos :


Goes, 22.04.2012
Judge: Dhr P. van Montfoort (NL)

Oliviero de L'Amabilite

4 Excellent

Championship Club Match HBC, 25.03.2012
Judge: Dhr J. Williams

Silvester de L'Amabilite

3 excellent

Leiden, 18.03.2012
Judge: Mvr F. Lochs - Romans (NL)

Oliviero de L'Amabilite

3 Excellent

Eindhoven, 05.02.2012 (38 entries)
Judge: E. Mach

Oliviero de L'Amabilite

1 Excellent, CAC, CACIB, BOB en 8th in the ring of honour

My thanks to Arja Siebe de Boer for great handling.

Succes at the Brabants Rashondenfestival at Kaatsheuvel. D.d. 21 January 2012

Eloisa de l’Amabilite, female, juniorclass 1 Excellent  BOB and 4th in FCI group !

Father: Pinard Rouge de l’Amabilite Mother: Esperanza de l’Amabilite.

Breeder: Emmy Geenen

Owner G. Branten

Show St.Michielsgestel

Judge dhr van Loon

daughter of Silvester de l'Amabilite

Prinses De Chantrenelle.

1e  place Super Baby klasse.

Owner/breeder M.J.P. Smits. frm French Bulldog kennel "De Chantrenelle".

Succes in Polen

Diva de l’Amabilite. Breeder Mrs. Emmy Geenen

Owner: Agustin Garcia Quintanilla.

Show in Chojnice Polen, 7 aug. 2011-08-07 Judge: Mrs. Zofia Kondula from Polen.

Diva did it again: 1 excellent and BOB.

ARNHEM 22-5-2010

Judge H. Vella

Esperanza de l’Amabilite, juniorclass : Very Good

HULTEN  05-06-2010

Judge Mrs. P. Zwaartman-Pinster

Esperanza de l’Amabilite, Juniorclass : Excellent

EINDHOVEN 7 februari 11-02-2010

Judge Mrs. Ahrens, Austria

Sharif de l’ Amabilite


56 bulldog entered


Judge Mr Hilverda Netherlands

Sharif  2 Excellent ,Open class.

Entered 78 French Bulldogs

Hurray Luna de l´Amabilite 10 years !

Maastricht 25-09-2009

Lotus Elise de l'Amabilite,

daughter of Pinard Rouge de
l'Amabilite and Graciela de l'Amabilite

2 Excellent Juniorclass (11 entries )

Breeder Emmy Geenen

Owner Tine Hulsman Belgium

 Arnhem 31-05-2009

 Judge : Mr. D. Baars

Silvester de l'Amabilite: 1 Excellent Intermediate

Result CHAMPIONSHIPCLUBMATCH HBC: excellent, 152 entrys!

Josephine Charlotte de l'Amabilite

 breeder Emmy Geenen  

Goes 25-04-2009

 Judge: R. Campbell, Noorwegen

Sharif de l'Amabilite: 1 Excellent CAC/ CACIB & BOB

With special thanks to his handler Arja Siebe de Boer who handled Sharif on an excellent way !!
I am so proud on both of them !!!!

Kampioensclubmatch HBC 19 april 2009 in Nuland.
Judge Mrs. J. Dekker

Breederclass : Silvester de l'Amabilite; 2 excellent
Veteranclass: Piou Piou de Chateau Moncey: 2 excellent

Judge Mrs. P. Runderkamp
Breederclass :  Josephine Charlotte de l'Amabilite: excellent

Sharif father for the first time;

Pups born at Marcesth kennel,
three males and two females, all of them are brindled.

Luxembourg CAC CACIB- show d.d. 29 March 2009

Judge: Dhr. van Hummelen

Sharif de l'Amabilité 3 Excellent

Honorine de Noire Béatitude 3 Very Good

We're having a party !!

11 March 2009 is Piou Piou de Chateau Moncey 10 year !!!!

Breeder: Dr. Jacques Mulin, France

Owner: Emmy Geenen

Sweet care by Annemarie Renders

Groningen CAC CACIB- show d.d. 01 March 2009

Judge: Mrs M.K. Reed

Sharif de l'Amabilité 2 Excellent

Eindhoven CAC CACIB - show d.d. 08 February 2009

Judge: Mrs Sunde

Sharif de l'Amabilité 4 Excellent

Amsterdam winner - show d.d. 29 november 2008

Judge: Mr J. Williams

Sharif de l'Amabilité 4 Excellent

Utrecht CAC CACIB - show d.d. 26 October 2008

Judge: Mrs B. Brempt

Sharif de l'Amabilité 4 Excellent

Zwolle CAC CACIB - show d.d. 13 September 2008

Judge: Mrs B. Baer

Sharif de l'Amabilité 1 Excellent and Junior CAC

CAC CACIB-show Luxembourg d.d. 06-09-2008

Judge: Brankovic, Servie

Youthclass: Sharif de l'Amabilité: 2 Excellent

Openclass: Graciela de l'Amabilité: 3 Excellent

CAC CACIB-show Rotterdam, NL d.d. 31-08-2008

Judge: M. Forte, Ierland

Sharif de l'Amabilité 1 Excellent Youth CAC

Solitly made young male, nice overall, size and balanced.
Nice outline on the move and moving very well !
In profile good length of neck, good weidt and depth chest.
Good forface. Presented and handled excellent !

Openclass: Victorine de l'Amabilité 4 Excellent

Honorine de Noire Béatitude, date of brith 20-05-2008
Breeder: Danny Maes

Special thanks to Danny for entrusting this beautiful puppy.

Josephine Charlotte de l'Amabilité
Breeder: Emmy Geenen

Nuland 20-04-2008
Championship Clubmatch HBC

Judge J. Toebak - van Valkenburg

Sharif de l'Amabilité  2e Very Promising

Zwolle 06-10-2007

Judge L. Lehmann Jorgensen ( DK )

Victorine de l'Amabilité  1 Excellent Intermediarclass

45 French Bulldogs were entered

Rotterdam 26-08-2007

Judge J. Sanchez Fernandez (Spain)

Victorine de l'Amabilité  2 Excellent Juniorclass

Graciela de l'Amabilité  3 Excellent  Intermediarclass

51 French Bulldogs were entered


NJK & ChJL Armani Enzo van Moezel's Oever
Multi Ch. Sunshine de l'Amabilité

Pedigree pups


Succes in Goes d.d. 21-04-2007 !!!
Victorine de l'Amabilité, result: 1 ex. R. CAC and Junior. champion.
daughter of: Ch. Leibolls Olfert and Multi Ch. Sunshine de l'Amabilité